Cassandra Gonzalez

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Cassandra Gonzalez is competing for a spot in our upcoming Halloween San Antonio Photo Shoot on Sat, Oct 13.

There are three ways you can help:
1.) Help her get enough votes to win a FREE spot in this shoot.
2.) Sponsor her and GUARANTEE she gets a spot.
3.) Help her find Sponsors by sharing this Sponsor Page.

The voting/sponsor deadline for this shoot is midnight on Mon, Oct 8.

Vote For Cassandra:

Cassandra gets 100 votes when you check the Recommend button and another 100 votes every time you Share this page. If she ends up in the Top 5 she gets to shoot for FREE.

* Please only Share once per day. But you are welcome to Tag as many friends as you like in your daily Share. Tagging your friends is the very best way to get people to see Cassandra's Fan Page and help her win a spot.

Sponsor Cassandra:

By sponsoring Cassandra in this shoot you can significantly boost her votes and chance of winning a spot.

And if she receives at least $150 in total combined sponsor support, she is GUARANTEED a spot regardless of how voting turns out.

Any amount helps and anyone can be a sponsor - family, friends, fans or businesses.

Sponsor Packages:
Select a sponsor package.
Select a t-shirt size.

NOTE: Sponsor Packages are non-refundable because they affect all models vying for a spot on this shoot. Don't worry though, if Cassandra doesn't make the cut for this shoot her votes will keep rolling over to the next shoots until she does. This is how we make sure that every model gets to shoot.

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