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Over 400 different modifications available for DNA or RNA oligos.

We will strive to give you the best quality and give you the best price possible.

We have Poly rA and Poly rA - p(dT)12-18 primer template and many others.

We offer guaranteed yields although we will send you all the material. Our list prices are competitive if not the lowest in the industry.

Our world, your research and our faith is our belief for a better world for all of us.

We offer 2 mers, 3 mers and 4 mers for our customers. 

Please email orders@oligos.com for quotes, orders and information.

We have partnered with Synthego who are providing World-Class Synthetic RNA for CRISPR genome editing. Click on link for more information.

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MIDLAND is a leader in the synthesis of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides for over 35 years. We pioneered the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for quality assurance of oligonucleotides, a technique that has become the gold standard for the industry. We are as committed today as we were 35 years ago to providing the best quality oligonucleotides for research for any researcher world-wide. Every oligo we produce is mass spected to ensure 100% QC. We offer scales of synthesis from the 20 nanomole scale to the 15 micromole scale of synthesis or amounts of material from 1 ODU up to 1 gram to multiple grams.

We currently provide oligos to customers world-wide. We specialized in providing modifications for your oligos whether it is one or in some cases as many as 17 different modifications on a single oligo. We also provide hard to find modifications such as phosphortyosine. Today we offer more than 400 modifications, including fluorophores, quenchers, backbone modifications, degeneracies, dual-labeled probes, and minor nucleotides. While several modifications can be ordered directly from this website, many pose technical challenges that we will need to discuss with you before we proceed to manufacture.

We also allow a customer to furnish us with custom made modifications for their synthesis needs and attach them to their oligo(s). We offer purification modalities, such as HPLC and PAGE purification.

Your research is as important to us as it is to you, and believing in you helps make the world a better place. We are willing to listen and try many different aspects of new ideas that any researcher may have. We strive to provide excellent customer service with a person and not just FAQs.

We also sell and offer information on such popular products such as:

RNA Polymers for RNA Synthesis and other experiments such as nuclear assays and transcriptions.

DNA Polymers for DNA Synthesis and other experiments

Please inquire about LNAs at - sandy@oligos.com.

Pricing confirmations from us will include your discounts.

Overseas Distributors: If interested please contact Sandy at sandy@oligos.com

Jordan - Burjouan Medical Laboratory Supplies We welcome your product inquiries and technical questions at (800) 247-8766 or (432) 694-7950, where a real person, not a recording, will greet you! You may also send inquiries to info@oligos.com.

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